Cute labels and Wine

It’s easy to observe how supermarket’s lanes are plenty of lots of wines, better or worse classified, but a lot of them.

When you go there with no prejudice at all, only searching for a special wine for that friend and begin to watch the different bottles, labels and ornaments, you may become crazy in just five minutes, even having some preferences, such as origin’s country, DO, type of elaboration, etc.

acc_rarito1Wineries have began to “custom” their  bottles to jump over this inconvenience. How? By applying onto them new labels, very coloured, or decorated, or no labels, or whatever else. Some of them are elegant, others are striking, others showy, others minimalist, but all of them with the same target: to catch the costumer’s watch and ‘fight’ to be chosen.
Lafite_Label_1999There have been a lot of tendencies about this issue, not only on the presentation but on the used names. First, following the French model, labels were large and very full of images and rhetoric shapes, accompanied where the typical Château, Castillo, etc. name. 

After, they were smaller with new shaped borders, still very traditional but the names were changing to other concepts and the colours also were a little bit brighter. chateau nuevo

Since more than ten years, there is a long list of new wines and new presentations. Nowadays there are splendid wines with a great presentation, splendid wines with a mediocre label and bottle, and splendid wines with a poor, antique presentation.

On the other hand, there are not so good wines with a great bottle and a great label development. These are the dangerous.

RAR03In any wine fair you can watch how many wineries (with a known lack of technical facilities or even the possibility of elaborating) show their twinkling products with its own recherche, or even annoying, name.

Wine culture was oriented, in its beginning, to appreciate, identify, enjoy and taste the different wines, to be able to appraise the work applied on it, to know the grapes, to know the countries and areas …

Without losing it, supermarket lanes war, and price war, are leading the costumer to two unique, basic concepts: price and presentation, forgetting the ‘leit motiv’ of this issue: the wine.

Crianzas, Reservas and Grandes Reservas are sold at negligible prices, bottled in sumptuous bottles with great labels and even boxes (tin labels, rare stamping, ornaments, …) Where is the trick? Just for your imagination …rara2

So think about this premise: great, well-known wineries did not change their presentations for many years or, if they do it, changes are very soft just for not losing the product’s identity.

Next time you dare to get into a wine supermarket lane, open your mind and a have a little logical drill. Afterall, it is very difficult to lay aside the main organ in order to choose a great wine: the heart.

** Quality of the wines shown in this post is not taken under consideration; only the designs and labels are used to illustrate the article. Brands are blurred anyway **



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